You may redeem points to reduce your monthly subscription costs associated with any of our "Premium Trading Newsletters".

Just 2 Easy Steps:

(1) Register online for the Premium Trading Newsletter of your choice on or

  • NOTE: Each of our Premium Trading Newsletters comes with a free trial period. Generally, the free trial periods are 14 days, and the free trial periods are 30 days.
  • NOTE: You must register for the Premium Trading Newsletter with the SAME email address that has accumulated the Points.

    (2) After you have subscribed to a Premium Trading Newsletter, then let us know that you want to redeem points. You may redeem points by filling out this online form. Your Point redemption request must be submitted prior to your trial end date (i.e., prior to billing). (For current subscription members, Point redemption requests must be submitted prior to the next billing cycle.) Otherwise, will use the Points redemption for the following month. We will not provide "refunds" using Points for any prior billing periods.

    We will reduce your next monthly billing cycle by $1 for every point you redeem (up to 50% off the subscription rate). Subsequent months of subscription service to your Premium Trading Newsletter will be at the regular subscription rate. Of course, if you have additional Points, you may redeem the Points against subsequent months of service also.

    You may use this online form to submit any questions. We will do our best to reply to your question within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

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