Earn $$$ For Simply Reading Our Newsletters!

Our "Loyalty Program" in a nutshell:

  • Read a Free Newsletter within 24 hours after we send it to you
  • Earn 3 Points for simply reading our Free Weekend Newsletters
  • Earn 5 Points for simply reading certain Free Newsletters we send during the week (ie, Monday through Friday)
  • Redeem each "Point" for $1 off any monthly subscription-based Premium Trading Newsletter
  • You may redeem Points to reduce your monthly subscription by any amount up to 50%

    That's it! Easy!

  • Definitions:

    "Free Newsletters" - these are the newsletters that you can EARN Points by reading:

  • InvestmentHouse.com Weekend Issue (earn 3 points)
  • MarketFN.com Weekend Issue (earn 3 points)
  • InvestmentHouse.com and MarketFN.com weekday trading newsletters that contain Loyalty Points at the top (generally worth 5 points).
  • InvestmentHouse.com and MarketFN.com weekday emails sent on behalf of third party advertisers (earn 5 points)

    You can find your Point total in each of your Free Weekend Newsletters.

  • "Premium Trading Newsletters" - these are the newsletters that you can REDEEM Points against to lower the monthly subscription price by any amount up to 50%. Premium Trading Newsletters include all monthly charged subscription-based services on the InvestmentHouse.com and MarketFN.com websites:

  • InvestmentHouse.com: IH Alerts, The Daily, Covered Calls, Technical Trader and the Stock Split Report
  • MarketFN.com: Success Trading, Dividend Trader and Covered Calls
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